Tonight at 7:30, in Bracken Library room 104, there will be a reading from alumnus Matt Hart and Professor Michael Meyerhoffer. Both writers are noted poets, with two books of poetry published each, as well as numerous literary journal publications. Opening the reading will be guest student reader Ryan Rader, who was chosen from among a number of anonymous entrants. As has been the fashion of these recent readings, undergraduate students submitted their work anonymously for a chance to open the reading, with the main-event writer/writers choosing the winner. These readings have been spectacular this year, and attending can be of great personal benefit. Alumnus Nate Logan remarked in an interview that while attending a poetry reading here at Ball State his sophomore year, he was inspired to change his academic track to include a Ph.D. Creative Writing program. Of course, that doesn’t mean the same will happen to everybody, but to hear an author read their own work is a treat nonetheless. And who knows, if you aren’t an English major already, maybe you’ll consider the option.