Many of you who are new to Ball State probably don’t know about The Broken Plate yet; those of you who are upperclassmen may be wandering in the dark. The Broken Plate is Ball State’s literary magazine that finally went international two years ago. The magazine is run every year by a select number of undergraduate students, and not only is it made by BSU undergraduates, it’s made for them. In the past, The Broken Plate solely published works of undergraduate students, but the lead editor’s decision to go international and open the submission gates to anyone who can meet the deadline, while still publishing undergraduate students, has brought with it a unique opportunity for those students accepted to have their poetry, fiction, or nonfiction work showcased alongside accomplished writers from all over the world.
Submissions opened Wednesday, Sept. 1 and will remain open until Oct. 31 of this year. For a little more on the matter, here‘s a post on the Writers Community blog by Tyler Gobble, who we interviewed earlier in the week here. For more information on how to submit to The Broken Plate, here are the submission guidelines.