Hello, alumni of the Ball State Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies,

photo of Ben Brock (right) and Rachel Johnson (left), seniors of Philosophy and Religious Studies

Graduating Philosophy Seniors Rachel Johnson (left) and Ben Brock (right).

As graduating seniors, we have attended Ball State for the entirety of the pandemic, and in our last year, it is exciting that our senior year is once again immersed in community and outreach.

Immersive learning continues to thrive within the department, with the Philosophy Outreach Project hosting another wonderful conference for high school students around the state. Additionally, as members of Stance, we are proud to present our 16th volume.

Thanks to the generous funding Stance receives from our donors, the internal team attended the American Philosophical Association conference in Denver, Colorado. Here, we had the privilege to present our work, and meet diverse group of students, professors, and philosophers. We also met department alumni who expressed the sentiment we share; that our time at Ball State has given us the necessary skills to excel professionally, academically, and more importantly, to be the best version of ourselves.

Meeting alumni in person is always inspiring, and we look forward to joining the online network of Ball State students and graduates alike through Career Pathways. The philosophy and religious studies club, Phil/Rels Conversations, has had a recent upsurge in attendance and has hosted distinguished guest speakers within the university.

The two of us have firsthand seen the support that comes from this community of alumni, and we are incredibly grateful for that kindness. Similarly, we will always appreciate the experiences and opportunities that have come from this department and its faculty, and we look forward to sharing our experiences as members of the Philosophy and Religious Studies Department as we embark on our next steps.

Ben Brock and Rachel Johnson,
Outstanding Seniors in Philosophy


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