2024’s Student History Conference was a great success. We enjoyed a visit from Delta and Frankton High School students. We were immersed in Dr. Max Fraser’s Keynote speech on “Finding Traces of the Hillbilly Highway on the Road to Middletown.” And, we saw fantastic presentations from our students that demonstrated preparation and extensive research. See the website for the program.

Seen with Dr. Bruce Geelhoed, l, Kathleen Donoho was awarded Best Undergraduate Research Paper for her paper “Hoosier Homespun: The Gender Division of Textile Production Labor in Early-19th Century Indiana.”


Maggie Jones was awarded an Honorable Mention of the Best Undergraduate Research Paper for her paper, “These Unhappy Princes: An Analysis of the 1674 ‘Princes in the Tower’ Urn in Relation to Charles II’s Restoration Emotional Regime.”


Zachary Long was awarded an Honorable Mention of the Best Graduate Research Paper for his paper “The Phantom Fifth Column: A Historiography of the Japanese American Internment Decision.”


Local high schoolers from Delta High School and Frankton got a taste of what a history conference entails and enjoyed Dr. Fraser’s Keynote Speech drawn from his research for “Hillbilly Highway: The Transappalachian Migration and the Making of a White Working Class.”

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