Spring 2023 Course Offerings

WGS 210 – Introduction to Women’s and Gender Studies

An introduction to Women’s and Gender Studies, an interdisciplinary field focused on the ways that sex and gender manifest themselves in social, cultural, and political contexts. Discuss critical questions and concepts feminist scholars have developed as tools for thinking about gendered experience.

  • Section 001 CRN 29670: MWF 09:00-09:50 AM (Shiau-Yun Chen)
  • Section 002 CRN 29671: MWF 10:00-10:50 AM (Shiau-Yun Chen) *Freshmen Only*
  • Section 003 CRN 25836: TR 9:30-10:45 AM (Rachael Smith)
  • Section 800 CRN 29437: Online (Courtney Jarrett)
  • Section 801 CRN 33073: Online (Cheri Ellefson)

WGS 220 – International Women’s Issues

Introduction to current international women’s and gender issues, such as women’s/men’s roles in work, politics, religion, families, and social movements, with an emphasis on non-Western cultures.

  • Section 001 CRN 42476: TR 11:00-12:15 PM (Rachael Smith)
  • Section 800 CRN 29440: Online (Rachael Smith)

WGS 310 – Special Topics: Women & Religion

Special courses developed by Women’s and Gender Studies affiliated faculty. Course titles will be announced before each semester. May be repeated for different topics.

  • Section 001 CRN 44776: TR 2:00-3:15 PM (Rachael Smith)

WGS 499 – Women’s and Gender Studies Capstone

Students will develop and reflect upon their own intellectual framework for understanding our gendered environment, synthesize interdisciplinary knowledge, explore career possibilities, and complete an activist project that involves identifying and researching a social problem, participating in action to help alleviate that problem, and reflecing on personal development.

Prerequisite: WGS 210 plus 9 credits of interdisciplinary women’s and gender studies course work and permission of the program director.

  • Section 001 CRN 25839: W 5:30-8:10 PM (Courtney Jarrett)


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