Kelly Fischer (she/her/hers) is Celebrating her 25th anniversary with the Department of Psychological Science, here at Ball State University. She began teaching in January 1997.

Kelly Fischer-Senior Lecturer of Psychological Science

Kelly Fischer earned her bachelor’s degree in Psychological Science and master’s degree in Counseling Psychology from Ball State University and became a faculty member in 1997. She is a licensed mental health counselor and continues to provide mental health services in the community. When the pandemic hit, she resumed private practice work via telehealth to meet the massive demand for psychological services that occurred as a result.

What are some fun facts regarding your teaching career here at Ball State University?

  • Fun Fact #1: I have taught fourteen different courses for the Department of Psychological Science, and one for the Department of Counseling Psychology.
  • Fun Fact # 2: When I first began teaching through the Distance Education program, all the work was sent via mail! Students would fill out worksheets and mail them to me to grade. Once I had graded the work, I would mail it back to the students!

Have you always lived in Indiana?

I grew up in Carmel, Indiana, and attended college at Ball State University. Later, I lived in New Orleans, Louisiana for about 9 years, and was able to help bring a Ball State University program, the Prism Project, to a community setting thereby establishing a program in the Greater New Orleans area in collaboration with my Ball State University colleagues.

I have a large family, including a twin sister who was my dorm mate at Ball State University, and so home is wherever we gather.

What are some of your hobbies/non-academic interests?

I really enjoy biking, swimming, and dog walking with my sons. A couple of years ago we purchased an adaptive bike so our oldest son, who is blind and visually impaired, can ride along with us on bike rides. Now the whole family can head out on a cool fall Indiana evening and ride through our beautiful neighborhood.

Out of your 25 years in the department, what has been your most memorable experience?

There are so many memories over the past 25 years that it is hard to pick one, I think my most memorable experience in the department was when I attended my very first departmental meeting. I was carrying a briefcase I received as a college graduation present, and I walked into a room filled with people who were very recently my faculty mentors and role models when I was a student. It really meant a lot when everyone embraced me as a colleague. Since then, I have had the pleasure to see a new generation of equally talented and inspiring faculty join the department and it makes me so excited for what is to come of Psychological Science. I know the students who enroll now will have a quality experience that equals mine over 30 years ago.

What is your favorite thing about Ball State University?

The thing I love about Ball State University is that it has a very close-knit, small campus feeling, while still offering all the amenities and opportunities of a large university! I also love being on campus in the fall. Not only is it beautiful, but faculty, staff, and students all seem filled with optimism and excitement as they jump into the new academic year!


Congratulations to Kelly Fischer on twenty-five years!

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