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  • CERES Supports LEED Certification for Multi-Cultural Center

    The Center for Energy Research/Education/Service (CERES) has continued to facilitate and support the team effort of students, faculty, and professionals in preparing the technical credit submission for LEED Certification of the new Multi-Cultural Center, designed by RG Collaborative. This effort is the first of its kind under the LEED Lab Program administered by the US […]

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  • Meticulous Architecture Panel Discussion

    Our next CAP lecture is a panel discussion at 4 p.m. Feb. 15 with Meticulous Architecture “CAPitalized: How we overcame our challenges and learned from our experiences as minorities in CAP to excel in our professional careers.” This special event features four Ball State CAP alumni: Damon Hewlin, Kionna Walker, Brian Robinson, and Nate Robert-Eze. Associate […]

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