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  • McVey Memorial Forest Boardwalk Project

    An unconventional boardwalk project that Ball State landscape architecture students, architecture students, and faculty began in Spring 2021, was installed this year. The boardwalk connects three trails at McVey Memorial Forest in Randolph County. The project was developed in partnership between Red-tail Land Conservancy, the Delaware County Soil and Water Conservation District, Madjax Makerspace, and […]

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  • Designing a Simple Solution to a Complex Design-Build Challenge

    Students in the Landscape Architecture Department had the relatively simple task to program a wooden boardwalk that would connect three trails at McVey Memorial Forest in Randolph County, but the project delivery challenges made the structural solution slightly more difficult. Students and faculty explored options for this community design project in partnership with Red-tail Land […]

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  • Landscape Architecture Students Completed Education Plaza Project

    Neither rain, nor snow, nor Covid-19 stopped the Department of Landscape Architecture from completing a design-build project. Over the course of one and a half semesters (the half due to the university’s shutdown during the pandemic) Assistant Teaching Professor Colby Gray and his students designed and constructed an Environmental Education Plaza at Wilderness Park in Hartford City, […]

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  • Colby Gray with Students

    Students Design Learning Laboratory

    Like their peers of days gone by, CAP students will be leaving their mark on the campus footprint by designing and building an interactive learning site for future generations. For nearly thirty years, the Tea Garden, a Japanese teahouse, hugged the south side of the architecture building. The structure lent an air of culture and […]

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