Category: Graduate Education

  • CAP December Graduates

    MASTER DEGREES Sashanah Decayette, Master of Arts in Interior Design Hanan Fahim Tufashiey, Master of Architecture Aiyue Zheng, Master of Landscape Architecture Bei Liu, Master of Science in Historic Preservation Emily Irene Hepworth, Master of Urban & Regional Planning Lanyang Zhou, Master of Urban & Regional Planning   BACHELOR DEGREES Anthony Joseph Freiburger, Bachelor of Science in Architecture Jesse W. Lindenfeld, Bachelor of […]

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  • Students create, build, fabricate, and construct designs for the community

    For the past three semesters, Professor Kevin Klinger in the i-Made studio has employed a technique called “design through production.” This studio provides graduate students in architecture with intensive immersive learning opportunities to help the community by applying their design knowledge and planning skills toward solving local challenges. Working at MadJax, the Maker Force in […]

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