Category: Urban Planning

  • Why Lohren Deeg Draws

    I draw to record the mysteries and complexities of the built environment, so that the lessons can be applied in the design process later. Sketching on location uses multiple senses, makes conversation with bystanders, and arguably stimulates a better quality of memory and recollection of a place better than a photograph. The global movement known […]

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  • Experiencing CAP Asia

    I first participated in CAP Asia in the Spring of 2005 when I joined Nihal Perera, a faculty member in urban planning, and a group of eighteen students around the middle of their trip. I was arriving to participate in a scheduled two-week building workshop, which was to take place in India, but the plan […]

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  • Consider a Certificate in Sustainability

    The Graduate Certificate in Sustainability is administered through the Academy for Sustainability in the R. Wayne Estopinal College of Architecture and Planning. The certificate recognizes the need for participants to work across topical disciplines. And whether citizens are educated as designers or function as participants in the design activity, they collectively must arrive at strategic […]

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