• Photo of Liz Haney

    Introducing Liz Haney, Director of Sponsored Projects Administration

    In May 2021, Sponsored Projects Administration officially welcomed its newest member of the team, Liz Haney. As the Director of Sponsored Projects Administration, Liz oversees the post-award functions of the research administration process and serves as co-director with Jackie Davis, Director of Sponsored Projects Development. Liz began this career in 2008 after having enjoyed success […]

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  • Image of Ball State campus

    Congratulations to the 2021 Three Minute Thesis Winners

    The Graduate School hosted Ball State University’s third annual Three Minute Thesis competition on Feb. 25. The competition, which challenges 10 finalists to condense the entirety of their master’s thesis or doctoral dissertation research into a three-minute presentation (with just a single PowerPoint slide as a visual aid), produced three winners this year: We in […]

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    SPA Update: Warmest Regards to Dr. Justin Miller

    Please help Sponsored Projects Administration bid our Director, Dr. Justin Miller, a fond farewell. After 13.5 years of service to SPA and to Ball State, Justin has accepted a position with the New College of Florida to be their Director of the Office of Research Programs & Services. Justin served in a number of roles […]

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  • 2020 Ball State University Student Symposium

    We are delighted that 84 students were flexible as we moved the annual event to a virtual Canvas Community. The Student Symposium was held, virtually, from April 15 – May 1. Participants loaded their presentations from the 15-22, and judging began on April 27. 2020 Student Symposium Program SPONSORED PROJECTS ADMINISTRATION AND THE GRADUATE SCHOOL […]

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  • 2020 Julian L. Simon Memorial Award Winner

    Each year since 2001, CEI pays tribute to free-market economist, professor, and consummate optimist Julian Simon by presenting the Julian L. Simon Memorial Award to an individual whose work supports Simon’s vision of mankind as the ultimate resource. This year, CEI is pleased to honor Dr. Steven Horwitz, Director of the Institute for the Study […]

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  • Empty college lecture hall

    Announcing: Faculty Fellow for Undergraduate Research!

    Dr. Sundeep Rayat, Associate Professor in the Department of Chemistry, will serve as the Ball State University Faculty Fellow for Undergraduate Research. This role, created through Strategic Imperative Funding, provides a unified strategy for coordinating pan-campus research of undergraduate students, faculty and staff with a goal of helping students to continue on to advanced degrees. […]

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  • A Better Understanding of Islam Across the Curriculum

    Dr. Matthew Hotham, an assistant professor of religious studies, considers an understanding of world religions to be incredibly important for Ball State University students. He says it’s part of what makes them good citizens and future employees, and basic education about Islam, particularly, is a crucial part of 21st century learning. Although a comfortable component […]

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  • Availability for COVID Dataset for BSU researchers

    SafeGraph is providing free access to their various datasets to help researchers, non-profits, and governments around the world with response to COVID-19 (Coronavirus). So far, 1,000+ organizations like the CDC are already in the consortium and are using SafeGraph and partner company datasets at no-cost. The data includes aggregated and anonymized datasets on social distancing and […]

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  • Impressions of Love

    Impressions of Love brings rarely viewed artwork to the public eye. This past Spring, the David Owsley Museum of Art was host to Impressions of Love: J. Ottis and Winifred Brady Adams, a Ball State University Centennial Exhibition. This exhibition marked a significant occasion, as Impressions of Love was the first display of the Adamses’ […]

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  • Deliberate Innovation: Can students learn creativity?

    Most people do not ponder: “Can students learn math?” However, many wonder if creativity can be learned. Teachers don’t introduce addition, fractions, and calculus all at the same time. Instead, the discipline of math is broken down into mathematical concepts and processes, which are taught using deliberate strategies. Applying this approach to creativity may inspire […]

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