• Ball Bearings Magazine

    Byte is a student-run multimedia coalition that regularly produces entertainment-based news, reviews, features, podcasts, graphics and videos. Students from various disciplines ranging from design, creative writing, telecommunications, computer science and more, come together to improve and refine their skills while creating award-winning projects.  Students are introduced to the entertainment side of news as they explore […]

  • The Daily News

    The Ball State Daily News is one of the nation’s top student-run newspapers. As a staff member for the DN, you practice a digital-first approach in the reporting of campus and breaking news in the Muncie area. This publication also covers Cardinal’s sports, features, and opinions. The staff is made up of many paid and […]

  • The Digital Corps

    Ball State University Digital Corps provides a creative and collaborative program in which our undergraduate students support the academic success of the University – and beyond. The Digital Corps provides training and real-world work experiences for students to prepare for their careers by working together and forming teams to focus on creative problem-solving. Students can […]