Getting a degree in Journalism Graphics offers students the chance to live a creative and fulfilling career. Journalism graphics is all about designing and presenting data and information in a way that visually engages the masses. The Journalism Graphics track will teach you how to skillfully craft graphics and stories that are organized, informative, and entertaining.  

This degree is flexible with its opportunities and opens students to a variety of careers, such as: Web and Print Media Designers, Strategic Communication Designers, Interaction Designers, Graphic Designers, Freelance, and Design Consultants. Visual communication is essential to journalism, advertising, public relations, web and app development, and all forms of communication. Journalism Graphics offers an emerging form of journalism and strategic communication allowing for news organizations, brands, and others to reach new users through visual storytelling.

The Journalism Graphics focus at Ball State University has a network of successful alumni. Many of these individuals have since started careers at top companies, including the American Red Cross, Time, CNN, and MGM Resorts International. Although these companies don’t all belong to the news industry, they all have similar needs provided by professionals with a degree in Journalism Graphics. The opportunities are truly endless.

Learn more about our alumni and where their degrees and experience took them here.

Photo by Mimi Thian