“I think the Journalism Graphics major is a great opportunity for students at any skill level who love design. Coming to Ball State, I didn’t have much design experience. The classes I took freshman year helped me gain a lot of design experience, which helped me to get a job on the design team at the Digital Corps on campus. Inside and outside the classroom, the professors within the Journalism Graphics department help students succeed. All the professors I have had not only care about my education but have taken the time to build long-lasting professional connections with me. The skills learned in class along with the connections I’ve built have prepared me for graduation and a future career.”


Megan Huss, Journalism Graphics, Class of 2022


“Ball State’s journalism program is unique in how they require classes in all areas of journalism. With required classes in news writing, website development and coding, general media studies, photojournalism and diversity in media, I feel like I have been given an umbrella of skills I can implement wherever I end up after college. I’ll be a jack of all trades, able to do whatever is needed of me in a professional setting.”


Alex Hindenglang, Journalism Graphics, 2021


“Journalism Graphics has given me the opportunity to connect with successful individuals outside of the Ball State Community. A trip to Washington D.C. led me to an interview for my dream internship for National Geographic. Ball State Journalism provides students with experience outside of classes. Working for The Daily News has really improved my design skills. It also gave me lots of clips to add to my portfolio. I feel lucky to be part of a department that pushes me to succeed outside of the classroom.”


Maggie Getzin, Journalism Graphics, 2022



“I came to Ball State unsure of my future. After changing majors multiple times freshman year, I took an introductory journalism design course on a whim. Surprisingly, I found that I loved the work, and what’s more, I saw a future in it. The instructors and counselors within the Department of Journalism helped me outline a four-year plan and gave me the confidence I needed to pursue my goals. It was the first time I had felt “seen” since coming to college.

“I recently accepted a competitive web design internship offer based in Chicago, Illinois. Without the guidance and direction of my instructors and classmates in the Department of Journalism, I would not have been as confident or prepared in my interviews. I am truly grateful for the opportunities this program has afforded me, and I know that incoming students like me will find success and fulfillment in the Department of Journalism.”


Ben Heber, Journalism Graphics, 2022



“Something that makes BSU Journalism Graphics program unique is the wide variety of education we receive. Not only are we required to take courses that pertain to our concentration, we are required to take some intro classes in other fields of journalism. My favorite skill that I have learned is coding. I always thought it would be so hard, but after taking JOUR 206 and learning the basics, I absolutely fell in love with creating websites and playing around with user-created HTML on CodePen. This program has allowed me to obtain a well-rounded education and will help me in my career after graduation.”


Hannah Sherfick, Journalism Graphics, 2021