Ball State University’s Journalism Graphics sequence is an interactive and project-based curriculum, set to prepare students for careers in visual communication, media design, interaction design, information graphics reporting, and other related fields. Through design and development courses, students learn how to communicate information through text, images, graphics, digital experiences, and more. 

Journalism Graphics students start design courses as early as freshman year, learning about typography, data visualization, web design, and web and app development. The program provides students many opportunities to build a robust portfolio that includes both print and digital work to prepare them for exciting careers in communication design. Course projects evolve every year, and previous projects have included: 

  1. Magazine spreads and Full Magazine designs
  2. News Brights
  3. Newspaper re-designs
  4. Designing Websites and Mobile apps
  5. Infographics and data visualization
  6. Website coding projects: html/css/javascript/Wordpress/Bootstrap

Opportunities for real-world experience. Complementary to their coursework, Ball State also offers many opportunities for Journalism Graphics students to gain valuable real-world experience working for student media groups. These hands-on experiences allow students to expand the skills learned in the classroom, develop personal portfolios, and work on nationally recognized project teams. Learn about Ball State’s student media groups.

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