JOUR 241 Website designed by Michaela Tangeman, Class of 2020

Assignment Details: For this project, students were required to create a user interface design for a given company. They were asked to establish a visual style and a company logo for the brand, while also designing the layout of the website. Students were told to think about the user’s needs while designing the website, considering what information they may need to know and how they would navigate the website. Michaela’s project was for a fictional company: “Stitch and Bitch,” a bar/coffee shop that also offers knitting and crafting activities and classes.


“This project gave me the freedom to be creative with ‘Stitch and Bitch’s’ brand identity. I had a lot of fun creating the diva-styled mock-up. The project helped me think about more than visual design, but also the functionality of design, as I had to consider the interactive elements of the website and the information the users needed to fully understand the company and its products/services.” – Michaela Tangeman


About the Designer: Michaela is a 2020 alumna of Ball State’s Journalism Advertising program. She graduated with a concentration in Media Presentation and Design and a minor in Marketing. During undergrad, Michaela was involved in The McKinley Avenue Agency and the American Advertising Federation on campus. After graduation, Michaela continued her education and is currently pursuing her master’s degree in Emerging Media Design and Development (EMDD).