When the Rinker Center for International Programs was established in 1994, the term “international” focused on institutional growth areas of individual student mobility and connection across national borders. The Rinker Center continues to catalyze such activity and connection, but effective worldwide learning and learners depend upon the skilled navigation of a world of mobilized people, knowledge, resources, and relationships.

Reframing the Rinker Center scope of the mission to include Global Affairs centers more current concepts of intercultural agency, worldwide connectivity, and learner access. As participants in the ACE IZN Laboratory, the Rinker Center is in the midst of a global strategic planning process with many campus stakeholders. This shift signals our dedication to international students and study abroad while recognizing the facilitation of global learning outcomes, curriculum development, international online collaborations, culturally diverse co-curricular programming, and faculty exchange programs.

As the Rinker Center for Global Affairs, this official unit title better suits that function and reflects these essential goals and commitments.