April 5, 2022 will be Ball State’s 4th annual “One Ball State Day”. During this 24-hour online event, alumni, students, faculty, staff and friends of Ball State are welcome and encouraged to show their Cardinal pride and make a gift to the area that means the most to them. The Rinker Center for Global Affairs is extremely grateful to all of our friends around the world for their collaboration and support over the years, and we hope that you will consider spreading the word about this giving opportunity.

This year, the Rinker Center will be collecting donations for two scholarship funds. The Alumni Fund for Study Abroad, and the Rinker Center Emergency Fund. As we prepare for the resumption of global travel and study abroad, we aim to grow our Alumni Fund for Study Abroad. This fund provides former study abroad students, their families, and supporters a way to “pay it forward” to future Cardinals Abroad. Donations expand access to life-changing opportunities for future generations through study abroad scholarships. The Rinker Center Emergency Fund exists to provide help to our International Cardinals at Ball State when their financial circumstances change unexpectedly, thousands of miles from home. We have worked closely with international students in need for decades, and your donations help to support these students when they come to us for assistance.

Last year, over $1100 in donations were collected to help our current and future Cardinals complete life-changing international experiences. With your help this year, we’d like to see that number grow. Please, take a moment prior to April 5th to share our link and our message! https://oneballstate.bsu.edu/global