Okay, so what’s the Star Party?

It’s like the College of Communication, Information, and Media (CCIM) Super Party. But for people who want to learn more about getting involved in the humanities at Ball State.

When and where?

Monday, Oct. 29, 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM in the Stu East Multipurpose Room

Why did you call it Star Party?

Well, a star party is a “star gazing” party, getting together with friends to check out the stars. And in this case, the stars are OPPORTUNITIES.

Have you heard of “Stars to Steer By”?

What’s that?

It’s a career series targeted specifically at humanities majors, and it shows you all the things you can do AFTER college with your degree.

The Star Party, on the other hand, shows you all the things you can do RIGHT NOW.

We want to show you all the things you can do in the departments of English, Philosophy & Religious Studies, History, and Modern Languages & Classics.

Hmmm. What can you do with a major like that?


Who is the Star Party for? 

This event is for everyone.

  • If you’re undecided.
  • If you’re switching majors.
  • If you’re getting started in one of these majors.

We want to help you find your “true north,” your purpose and passion.

What’s the Star Party going to be like? 

Come if you want to learn more about

  • editing and publishing
  • book arts
  • study abroad
  • academic and literary journals
  • public history
  • spoken-word poetry
  • tutoring jobs
  • strategic communications
  • community activism
  • teaching
  • language immersion
  • service learning
  • and more!

Who is your featured speaker?

Our keynote speaker is Lydia Storie, who earned a BA in English/Literature and History in 2006.

photo of Lydia StorieMore about Lydia Storie

  • After Ball State, Storie went on to earn an M.A. in Cinema Studies from NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts.
  • She discovered her passion for entertainment content development through her first internship in New York City, at Michael Douglas’ production company Further Films.
  • She worked her way up from assistant to executive at Original Media, then served as the Director of Development for the company Additional Dialogue under Endemol Studio.
  • Today, she’s the VP of Development at Muse Entertainment, a boutique international studio and producer of The Kennedys, Tut, Bellevue, and numerous movies for the Hallmark Channel.
  • Based in Los Angeles, Lydia oversees the company’s slate of television series and limited series projects targeted to the American market, and has most recently developed, packaged, and sold series pitches to Netflix, YouTube Premium, NBC and WGN America.
  • Her favorite part of the job is identifying books to adapt for film and television.

Lydia Storie will speak for 5-10 minutes to kick off the evening, and then will be sitting at a table to talk about careers in entertainment and content development.

I thought you had to major in TCOM to go into entertainment?

Apparently not!

Will there be food?

Oh yes. Pizza and prizes will be available.

Who will be there?

Cool immersive learning classes you can take



Honor Societies


Cool people

Okay, I’m sold.

Add it to your calendar!