Battaglia prepares individual pieces of concrete shell over the wooden frame. Photo by Hadley Fruits

Assistant Research Professor and Design Innovation Fellow Christopher A. Battaglia was selected as one of six 2018-19 University Design Research Fellows for 2019 Exhibit Columbus.

The University Design Research Fellowship was created to highlight innovative research by leading professors of architecture and design. Battaglia researches techniques to spatialize concrete through additive manufacturing and digital fabrication techniques. His structure, titled DE|stress, is a vaulted concrete lattice shell that provides an area for collaboration and community gathering.

The material qualities are created during the fabrication process with striations of layered concrete and resulting textures emanating from the aggregate sub-surface on which each panel is printed.

He and his students are currently creating the structure to be displayed in Columbus, Indiana, from August 25 through December 6, 2019.

For more information on the project…click here.


Students and faculty help to assemble the pavilion. Photo by Hadley Fruits

October 2019