The Estopinal College of Architecture and Planning Executive Advisory Board annually recognizes alumni who demonstrate outstanding professional success or achievement in their field of endeavor. We are pleased to announce this year’s winners.



Angela Miller Gobar, PhD
Master of Urban and Regional Planning 1984
Angela Miller Gobar fosters human development in her work of planning and community development. After a 34-year career in planning and development, she still finds herself in semi-retirement, volunteering in organizations that make a direct impact on peoples’ lives.  She came to learn that effective planning and community development includes both physical and human development. Gobar focuses her time on giving back through a variety of community-based organizations, nonprofit organizations, and research teams.

Sarah Hempstead, AIA, LEED AP
Bachelor of Architecture, Bachelor of Science: Environmental Design, 1998
Sarah Hempstead is dedicated to using her creativity, voice, and seat at the table to provide access and opportunity. From her early days in Indianapolis, she worked on projects of significance, including working directly with affordable housing, and ultimately becoming the president of the Ryley Area Development Corporation Board. As Schmidt Associates’ CEO, she expanded their inclusivity where they became 51% women-owned and 47% staffed by women and minorities.

Pam Light PhotoPam Light, N.C.I.D.Q., LEED AP
Bachelor of Science in Interior/Environmental Design 1973
Pam Light believes knowing design has an impact on the wellbeing of others, and through that channel joined the United Way in 1999 to work with major business leaders to address homeless issues. Light also lead HOK in the development of a Trauma & Resiliency document that was then expanded to help Pro-Bono groups across North America. Though she is now retired, Light continues to work on 2 residential projects, sits on two boards, and is a Consultant/Furniture Specialist for HOK on a project where she also participates in design peer review.

Robin Randall, FAIA, LEED AP BD+C, ALEP
Bachelor of Architecture 1986, Bachelor of Science in Environmental Design 1985
Robin Randall is re-imagining Architecture for learning through national leadership in educational design. By provoking learning through dynamic educational planning and impacting communities to change outcomes, she advances discourse creating a culture of inquiry through research-driven design. As a Principal of Chicago-based Legat Architects, Randall’s vision guides the firm’s commitment to a forward-thinking culture of inquiry through design exploration and empirical research established her as a national educational design expert, identified by AIA CAE as one of thirty international voices in Dialogues 2023.




Andrew Mitchell, AIA
Bachelor of Architecture 2004, Bachelor of Science in Environmental Design 2004
Andrew J. Mitchell is an architect at MKM architecture + design (MKM). He is a Principal of the healthcare design studio and oversees the design efforts on numerous healthcare and senior living projects, leading many of MKM’s national healthcare and community health projects, some of which include Ascension Health, Community Health Systems, Moffitt Cancer Centers, Trinity Health, and Select Specialty Hospitals. Mitchell’s passion for design and ability to engage in challenging projects has afforded him experience on a variety of project types ranging from healthcare, community health, and urban planning.

Scott Perkins
Bachelor of Architecture 1990, Bachelor of Science Environmental Design 1990
Scott Perkins founded Perkins, Von Deylen & Associates, P.C. in March of 2000 with former classmate Craig Von Deylen. After surviving the meltdown of 2007-2008, the firm needed to focus on larger, more commercial projects rather than housing. After leveraging their prior experiences with heavier construction and jumping into complex, urban infill, mixed use projects, they brought on another CAP grad, Craig McCormick, and re-branded as Blackline in 2011. For Perkins, success in Architecture is defined by stamina and a commitment to project success; by consistently showing up and being present.

Rose Scovel, AICP
Master of Public Administration 2005, Bachelor Urban Planning and Development 1999
Rose Scovel graduated with the 5-year Bachelor of Urban Planning and Development program in 1999. She began her career working for the Indiana Economic Development Academy (later Center for Economic and Community Development). She earned a Master of Public Administration degree from Ball State in 2005 while working. She transitioned to the private sector in 2004 working for HNTB and later for LSL Planning. In 2018, Scovel went to work for the Indianapolis Metropolitan Planning Organization (IMPO). The IMPO leadership was in the process of adopting the strategic plan for administration separation from the City of Indianapolis and expanding services to the region beyond transportation. In her role, she manages projects, assists communities with State of Indiana READI projects, and manages the agency’s Human Resources system. Scovel serves the Indiana Association of Regional Councils as secretary/treasurer.

Chris Shaheen
Bachelor of Landscape Architecture 1992
Chris Shaheen is a Public Space Program Manager, Neighborhood Planner, and Urban Designer with over 30 years of experience in the public and private sectors. Shaheen’s background in design, planning, and preservation makes him an effective regulator overseeing design review in DC. Working municipal government in the nation’s capital has allowed him to shape design policy and outcomes at the local and national level. At this point in his career, he greatly values sharing the importance of design in municipal government with the next generation of CAP students when they visit DC.

Meagan Tuttle, AICP
Master of Urban & Regional Planning, 2011, Bachelor of Urban Planning & Development, 2010

Meagan Tuttle is a public-sector planner with over a decade of experience leading transformational plans, policies, and capital projects to advance housing, re-development, and public infrastructure goals.  As an enthusiastic collaborator, natural facilitator, and engaged leader of multidisciplinary teams, she has helped Burlington, VT evolve its comprehensive plan beyond the required statutory framework to realize the impact of interdisciplinary policies, initiate the next generation of downtown investment, and advance multi-faceted housing action plans. Tuttle has served as a guest speaker in Plan 100 and member of Professor Truex’s Alumni Advisory Committee, and recently helped launch the Planning Executive Advisory Board for the Urban Planning Department.

Kionna Walker
Bachelor of Arts in Architecture, 2006
Kionna Walker founded Next Great Architects as a teaching studio that introduced architecture to students as early as kindergarten and nurtured them through college and licensure. Walker wanted it to be the resource for today’s students that she wished she had when she was pursuing architecture. She then expanded into schools and youth-focused organizations after hosting architecture workshops for the Indianapolis Public Library. Walker’s passion is positively impacting communities through the built environment. Her purpose is to nurture the next generation to do the same as an Instructor of Architecture at Ball State University.


G.O.L.D AWARD WINNERS (Graduate of the Last Decade)

Zack Rees, PLA, SITES AP
Bachelor of Landscape Architecture 2016
Zack Rees’s commitment to excellence has led him to leadership roles such as Young Professionals Group Chair, ACE mentorship Program Team Lead, and Illinois ASLA Awards Chair. Rees also initiated his office’s Mentorship Program, which aims to guide emerging professionals. As a Landscape Architect for HDR, Rees has achieved his SITES AP certification, which allowed him to lead a project to a SITES Gold Certification, and then shared his experience at an ASLA Conference Education Session, which were all first accomplishments in the history of his firm.

Fabiola Yeps, AIA
Master of Architecture 2015, Bachelor of Architecture 2013
Fabiola Yeps is a trailblazing female minority and first-generation architect.  She has worked tirelessly to reveal for young people a future they may not initially know is available to them. Yeps continues to put efforts towards lessening the hardships of those coming from a similar background to hers. She devotes her time to helping expose young people to a world of opportunities and ensure their path is smoother than hers.  As a Project Architect for Wheeler-Kearns Architects, she partners with mission-driven organizations and delivers award-winning projects for underserved communities.



James Jones, Ed.D.
Chairperson, Department of Construction Management and Interior Design, Roan Distinguished Professor of Construction Management
James Jones is a Department of Construction Management and Interior Design Chairperson and Roan Distinguished Professor of Construction Management at the College of Architecture and Planning in Ball State University. He has been a part of the success of the CM program since it’s very first graduating class and has led the way to the CM graduate concentration program. Jones has developed many courses within the program, and is proud to say every CM major, minor, or graduate concentration student has had him as an instructor at least once in their academic career. He believes wholeheartedly in the real-world, interdisciplinary, project-based approach of immersive learning, and finds it to be particularly effective in preparing students from CM and allied disciplines.


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