The Interior Design Summer Workshop had a record breaking enrollment this year with twenty five participants. The program gives students a great opportunity to experience interior design firsthand. At completion, students have a portfolio of work which is a required component of the application process in many accredited interior design programs. After participating in the workshop, many students will return to Ball State to enroll in the program.

Normally the workshop is offered as a week-long intensive experience on campus but, due to its success a second session was going to be offered this summer however, with the advent of the Corona virus, gears were quickly switched and the workshop was turned into a month-long online format.

The one-of-a-kind program offered the expertise of two interior design faculty Associate Professor Reza Ahmadi and Assistant Professor Sarah Angne Alfaro who taught and supervised the online program with help from three Ball State interior design students. The dedication to make this program successful and open to all students who are interested in attending was demonstrated by a simple act of kindness.

A high school student from the Virgin Islands wanted to attend the workshop but was unable to get the supplies delivered from Amazon, so Reza purchased the materials needed for the workshop himself and sent a care package so she could participate!

This is just one example of the dedication that distinguishes our faculty and staff at CAP. Keep up the great work!