Hi, July.

You are magic. You’re the midpoint, but also the 7th month. You’re at the threshold of the second half, but not too far along to course correct. You’re a good space and place to face anything holding us back from being our best selves. A thought to consider is whether we have created self-imposed mind blocks. Lots of us likely struggle with one of the two p’s; perfectionism or procrastination.  Below is a relatable and comical TedTalk that offers some points to ponder on the topic.  The title references procrastinators, but each of us can find a bit of ourselves in this video. Enjoy!

To all of the recovering perfectionists and procrastinators of the BA community, do us a favor. Share some tips in the comments to help us all out.

Moves in Business Affairs

We’d like to welcome Larry Blake as the Interim Associate Vice President of Facilities, Planning, and Management.  This is his fourth interim appointment after a career in higher ed facilities and architecture. Larry we’re so glad you decided to make BSU your home even for a short period of time.

News from Our BA Leaders

Ball State Sustainability – Margaret Lo

Be part of the Sustainability Action Plan Creation – Survey

As Ball State prepares to create a Strategic Sustainability Action Plan, we are reaching out to campus stakeholders to see what they consider to be campus priorities. The survey will take 8-10 minutes to complete. We are eager to learn about the campus community’s experiences and hear your recommendations for future efforts. We want to hear from you! You can find the survey here.

Coming Soon…


Business Affairs is launching our very own monthly podcast! Beyond the Title has been created to share the stories of our Business Affairs employees, the work that we do, and provide some insight into who we are as people. The podcast is hosted by our VP, Alan Finn.  We’re excited and hope you are too! Stay tuned for further communication about the launch date.

Workiversary Emails

Wait, don’t delete that email – It’s not spam! In August, Business Affairs will begin sending annual Workiversary emails to our employees for your years of service beginning with your first year of employment and throughout your journey with us.  Our work would not be possible without you! We hope that it will add a smile to your day. We appreciate YOU!


Business Affairs would like to know how you prefer to be recognized.  We’ve partnered with IT to create a Recognition Preferences form in Service Now to capture your preferences relevant to your birthday,  workiversary (work anniversary), and life milestone events. Here’s how it works.  Visit the Technology Help Desk Portal>Request Services>Communications and complete the Business Affairs Recognition Form or click here.

Once the form has been completed, you will receive a notification. Business Affairs and your supervisor of record will also receive a notification. If you’ve indicated that you’d like to be recognized for your birthday, you’ll need to provide your supervisor with your birthday month to be celebrated within your department. Business Affairs will use the information to celebrate you in The BA Chirp.

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday month to Kamille Webb, Assistant Director of Business Affairs Strategic Initiatives! We are celebrating another year of life with you and hope you enjoy your special day.

Quote of the month

Continuous improvement is better than delayed perfection. – Mark Twain

Questions & Feedback

Do you have quotes, recommended books, recipes, photos from departmental festivities, retirement news, an exciting life event you’d like to share, or just want to provide feedback? Send your contributions or comments to Kcwebb@bsu.edu. If you’d like to be recognized for your birthday, accomplishments, or other life events please complete the Business Affairs recognition form here. We’d love to celebrate you!