Happy WORKIVERSARY to all of our Business Affairs family who have reached one year or more of service in June! We are thankful for all that you do.

Gonzo Barajas Executive Director of Auxiliary Services for Sports and Recreation Facilities Operations and Event Management 28
Josh Huffman Environmental Control Mechanical Group Leader 25
Daniel Kern Maintenance Supervisor of Landscape Services 24
Chad Curts Accounts Receivable Representative 21
Marcus Clark PT Food Service Worker 18
Rob Weller Facilities Landscape Worker 17
Roger Hassenzahl Interim Senior Director of Business Services for Purchasing, Printing, and Contracts and Director of Purchasing Services 17
Melissa Wormer Director of Budgets, Administration and Transportation Services 17
Peggy Smith Account and Collection Specialist 16
Whitney Roberts Work Control Specialist 15
Doug Williams Materials Handler 12
Steve Harting UBC Stock Clerk Custodian 12
Scott Turner Benefits Specialist 12
Matthew Huffman Commercial Food Service Maintenance Specialist 12
Jennifer Masters Supervisor of Motor Pool Operations 11
Tim Mullin Heat Plant Group Leader 10
Domenic Centofanti Director of Auxiliary Services Marketing and Communications and Special Projects 10
Ron Copperman Facilities Landscape Worker 10
June Sanders Senior Purchasing Agent 10
Tyler Ferrell HVAC Mechanic Trainee 9
Todd Fowler Heat Plant Operator Trainee 9
Randy Harnish Carpenter Group Leader 8
Joshua Preston Commercial Food Service Maintenance Specialist 8
Kevin Davidson Custodian Relief and Project 7
Meagon Parrish Custodian Relief and Project 6
Deana Thornton Payroll Specialist 6
Samantha Rowe Assistant Director of Accounts Payable 6
Kyle Mace Custodian 6
Terri Klingensmith-Haines Sign Specialist 4
Zach Scott Central Stores Coordinator 3
Alex Sutton Coordinator of Competitive Sports 3
Grayson Moss Custodial Group Leader 2
Sandy Landfert Accounts Payable Representative 2
Ariana Davidson Custodian Relief and Project 1
Benjamin Rush General Manager 1
Seth Morrison Assistant Director of Personnel and Guest Engagement 1
Ben Waggoner Food Concept Group Leader 1