Provide a summary of the work performed and services offered in your area.

Business and Auxiliary Services encompasses 60 percent of the Division of Business Affairs workforce including the following units: University Dining & Catering, Sports/Athletic Facilities, Recreation Services, Purchasing Services, Central Stores, Moving & Storage, Printing Services, Central Mail, University Barnes & Noble Bookstore, Risk Management, and Environmental Health and Safety. For the list of the leadership and management Team, visit Business and Auxiliary Services Staff Directory | Ball State University (

What is the purpose of the work performed in your area and how does it tie into the larger work of the University?

The purpose is to provide innovative goods and services, sustainable operational excellence, and comprehensive business processes to advance the Ball State University 2019-2024 Strategic Plan, mission, and enduring values.

What are some new or existing initiatives in your area?

  • Chick-fil-A will move from the Atrium to North Dining where it will be expanded to a full-service restaurant with a separate cashier station/counter for extended hours. (Projected new location opening: Winter 2024)
  • Risk Management and Environmental Health & Safety will move into the former Elliott Dining location to offer on-site training and enhanced campus services. (Projected new location opening: Spring 2024)

What’s your favorite part about the work performed in your area?

The remarkable work and commitment of all Business and Auxiliary Services employees to enhance the student, employee, and guest experience on a daily basis, and the critical partnerships that they form and cultivate with all university divisions and departments in service to Ball State University.

What’s a fun fact about your area?

In the last academic year:

  • University Dining averaged 12,000 transactions per day;
  • University Catering served over 1,200 events;
  • Sports/Athletic Facilities managed over 5,300 Athletics and Burris practices and 365 Athletics, Burris, and student organization events with over 118,000 attendees in over 800,000 square feet of indoor activity space and 75 acres of outdoor space;
  • Recreation Services had 172,000 participation swipes, 330 Rec Fit classes, and 662 Sports Clubs athlete participants;
  • Central Stores Material Handlers processed over 1,650 B-450 Move and Excess requests
  • Central Mail processed more than one million pieces of campus mail;
  • Environmental Health & Safety inspected over 400 laboratories; and
  • BSU Trademarks and Licensing reviewed over 1,950 submissions.

Share any additional information that you feel is important to communicate.

Business and Auxiliary Services is grateful for any constructive feedback and acknowledgment of good work.  Please share your experience by emailing Julie Hopwood, Associate Vice President for Business and Auxiliary Services at