Tabs with different ChatGPT chats with titles

Addison: Hey man, how do I write an article about using ChatGPT with your students while still fostering critical thinking?

ChatGPT: Title: Fostering Critical Thinking in the Classroom with ChatGPT
Introduction: Begin by introducing the topic of using AI-powered language models like ChatGPT in the educational setting. Discuss the importance of fostering critical thinking skills in students and how the integration of ChatGPT can help support this goal.

Chat with prompt asking for examples of questions to ask ChatGPT or similar AI

Addison: Give me three different examples of questions I can ask you (or other similar AI) to provide an answer on what is important to think about in the topic “policy changes, homelessness sigma, and the reduction of homelessness” using different key terms so that it will prompt different and distinct answers from other text-prediction AI.

ChatGPT: Sure, here are three different examples of questions you can ask me:

  1. “What are some potential policy changes that could reduce homelessness stigma and help in the reduction of homelessness?”
  2. “How can we address the issue of homelessness stigma and increase public support for policy changes aimed at reducing homelessness?”
  3. “What role do community-based organizations play in reducing homelessness, and how can they work with policymakers to implement effective policy changes and combat stigma?”
Chat asking ChatGPT to regenerate the answer with keywords

Addison: Okay regenerate that answer but make sure to use different key terms for policy changes, stigma, and homelessness. Additionally, frame each question from a different perspective such as politician, adult, teen.

ChatGPT: Sure, here are three different questions, each framed from a different perspective and using different key terms:

  1. Politician perspective: “What are some viable legislative measures that can be taken to address the issue of housing insecurity and discrimination against homeless populations?”
  2. Adult perspective: “How can we as a society reduce the negative perceptions surrounding homelessness, and what policy changes can be made to support homeless individuals in their journey to stability?”
  3. Teen perspective: “What can teenagers do to support efforts aimed at reducing homelessness stigma and promoting policy changes that address housing insecurity?”
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