Certainly, here are 10 questions to help me better understand your needs for generating assignment ideas focused on teaching color theory within a graphic design course: 

  1. What is the overall goal or objective of including color theory assignments in this graphic design course? 
  2. Who is the target audience for these assignments? Are they beginners, intermediate, or advanced students in graphic design? 
  3. How long is the course duration, and will these color theory assignments span the entire course or a specific portion? 
  4. Are there any specific aspects of color theory (e.g., color harmonies, color psychology, color mixing) that you want these assignments to cover? 
  5. Do you have any specific resources, textbooks, or reference materials that you’d like students to use when completing these assignments? 
  6. Are there any constraints or limitations regarding tools or software that students should use for these assignments (e.g., Adobe Creative Suite, open-source software)? 
  7. Are there any real-world applications or industries you want these assignments to align with (e.g., branding, web design, print media, packaging)? 
  8. How many assignments do you plan to include in the course, and what percentage of the overall course grade will they account for? 
  9. Do you have any preferences regarding the format of the assignments (e.g., digital graphics, posters, presentations, etc.)? 
  10. Are there any specific challenges or learning objectives you hope to address with these color theory assignments? 

        Once I have a clearer understanding of your requirements and goals, I will be better equipped to generate relevant and effective assignment ideas for teaching color theory in your graphic design course.