Working in a creative field can be fun and exciting. Every day is different while every project has so much opportunity for creativity and new ideas. However, what do you do when you’re not feeling creative? How do you progress when you have a visual problem to solve, but no ideas on how to solve it? Everyone has their own methods to spark inspiration, but here are some tips I found to be helpful. 

  • Change your environment. Try working somewhere new. Often, all you need is a different perspective to spark creativity.  Work outside, in your local coffee shop, or somewhere completely random. If you can’t physically work somewhere new, try taking a walk in a new environment to help kickstart your ideation.


  • Take some time off to clear your mind. Working on too many projects at once can inhibit your creativity. Take some time for yourself, whether that may be a couple of days or a couple of hours. By providing your mind with a little “me time”, you better your chances of mentally resetting. 
  • Take note of when you feel the most inspired or creative. Do more of that. You may not be inspired every day, but on the days that you feel the most creative, take a moment to understand why. Do you feel inspired after talking to your coworkers or classmates? After a long walk or hike? After reading a book? What makes your mind tick? Learn what inspires you, and do more of that. 


  • Carry a sketchbook and write/draw ideas that come to mind throughout the day. We often find inspiration in random parts of our day, but we don’t remember our ideas by the time we make it back to our desk. Carry a notebook throughout the day. Write down thoughts. Draw ideas. Scribble down topics of interest. These notes can be useful the next time you need inspiration for a project.


  • Explore other creative mediums. If you are used to working directly on the computer, try changing it up a little bit. Trying something new can lead to untouched potential. Sketch out your ideas with sidewalk chalk. Experiment with finger paint, photography, fashion or any other medium you can get your hands on. You can scan in your masterpieces to use within your designs or document your work for future inspiration. 
  • Try something you have never done before. Whether that ‘something’ is trying out a new restaurant, listening to a new song, or going skydiving, branch out of your comfort zone. Maybe you are looking for inspiration in the wrong places.


Creative blocks can be hard to move past, but there are ways to bring back your creativity. Do you have your own methods? Share with the Journalism Graphics community and comment below.