JOUR 345 Infographic by Maggie Getzin, Class of 2022

“This project was an assignment in a data visualization course. We were assigned to create a ‘How To’ diagram on a topic of our choice. I wanted to choose something that would capture the eye and make the readers feel like they are underwater. So, I chose to create a diagram on ‘How a Jellyfish Sting Works’.

“I wanted the jellyfish to jump off the page, so I used orange to contrast with the blue, so it really stands out. I illustrated the jellyfish in Procreate and then imported it in InDesign and finished the diagram from there. Aside from learning about jellyfish, I realized the capability of my designing skills. I continue to push myself and strive to create something out of my comfort zone every day.” – Maggie Getzin


About the Designer: Maggie Getzin is a junior at Ball State University studying Journalism Graphics. She is the Print Design Editor for the Ball State Daily News and a designer for the Center of Business and Economic Research at Ball State.