Amy Haneline: Content Manager and Social Media Editor for USA Today

Amy Haneline has worn many hats within the journalism industry since graduating from Ball State’s Journalism Graphics program in 2009. Throughout her career at the IndyStar, Haneline’s focus in digital graphics continued to evolve alongside a growing passion for journalism. Haneline has served as a reporter, mobile editor, SEO strategist, and co-editor. She is now the content manager and social media editor for USA Today’s “Life and Entertainment” team. 

USA Today’s “Life and Entertainment” team covers movies, TV, music, books, celebrities and other lifestyle stories. As the content manager and social media editor, she ensures that USA Today content reaches their audiences on social platforms such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. To meet this objective, Haneline must stay on top of emerging trends used on social platforms. 

“The industry definitely keeps you on your toes!” Amy Haneline explains. “When I was in college, we focused a lot on print design and page layout. While print is NOT dead yet, it is obviously a fading medium as everything takes to the web. Journalism is not for the faint of heart. You have to evolve with it. The only sure thing is that it will definitely change.” 

Though Haneline was quick to learn on the job and pivot during challenges, she argues that the foundations of success began in the Ball State Department of Journalism.  “Go to class. Work hard. Ask questions. Speak up. Never stop learning,” she recommends. 

“Learn to learn because you will be doing a lot of that. Over the years I have had to figure out: how to write a breaking news story, how to conduct an interview, how to code, how to optimize a page for search, how to make an Instagram Story, the list goes on. You don’t have to be an expert in everything RIGHT NOW. But you need to be able to put your pride aside and learn something new when the time comes,” Haneline explains.  “My grandma used to tell me ‘no knowledge is ever wasted’ and she was right.”

As a Ball State cardinal, a designer, or a reader, use the advice of Amy Haneline. Never stop learning.