JOUR345 Infographic by Alex Hindenlang, Class of 2022

“We were told to create an infographic based on the prompt “Covid-19’s impact on…” This prompt challenged us to focus on a topic relative to the pandemic, which made the content relevant and fresh and not something overproduced. I, personally, loved the challenge of researching and coming up with a topic that would push my illustration skills farther than previous assignments. After having several trips canceled due to the pandemic, I thought how air travel has changed due to the pandemic would be a fantastic topic for an infographic. The illustrations were done in Illustrator. I decided to design vertically so as the reader scrolled down it flowed smoothly, and the data was broken up by the clouds. I was really happy with how this turned out and how my skills had progressed over the course of the class.” – Alex Hindenlang

About the Designer: Alex Hindenlang is a junior Journalism Graphics major with minors in marketing and digital publishing. She is a designer for both the Daily News and Ball Bearings magazine as well as a new design associate for the McKinley Avenue Agency.