JOUR 241 Infographic designed by Michaela Tangeman. Class of 2020.

Assignment Details: Based on provided topics, students were required to design a National Geographic infographic to portray information visually, that could not have been easily explained through words alone. Michaela’s ‘GeoFact’ topic was centered around Pompeii and answered the question “how did we discover Pompeii.” Michaela used visual storytelling and hierarchy to simplify a complex story. She then adapted the design for a mobile device.


“Through this project, I was able to practice and improve on my visual storytelling skills. Before completing this project, the infographics I designed consisted of individual statistics and a collage of graphics to go along with those statistics. This project challenged me to tell the story in a more engaging and cohesive way.” – Michaela


About the Designer: Michaela is a 2020 alumna of Ball State’s Advertising program. She graduated with a concentration in Media Presentation and Design and a minor in Marketing. During undergrad, Michaela was involved in The McKinley Avenue Agency and the American Advertising Federation on campus. After graduation, Michaela continued her education and is currently pursuing her master’s degree in Emerging Media Design and Development (EMDD).

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