Byte is a student-run multimedia coalition that regularly produces entertainment-based news, reviews, features, podcasts, graphics and videos. Students from various disciplines ranging from design, creative writing, telecommunications, computer science and more, come together to improve and refine their skills while creating award-winning projects. 


Students are introduced to the entertainment side of news as they explore careers in pop-culture media, journalism gaming and tech news. They cover topics that range from heavy news to topics related to their interests. And, students have a lot of opportunity to work on multimedia projects, giving them the chance to explore graphic design, video production, podcasting etc. 


“Byte benefited my career because it allowed me to expand a variety of skillsets while working for one organization. I was able to create infographics and timelines about topics that interested me, which has helped my graphic design career. My copy editing skills from Byte really set me apart from others because I was able to edit my own work and I could pay close attention to details. My boss has even had me copy edit things for her before she sends them out.” – Makayla Hughes – 2020 Journalism Graphics Alumna


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