While applying for summer jobs or internships, you may be considering opportunities in other states. This means that it is likely that you will have to go through your interview process over an online platform if you are considered for the position. These platforms may be run through programs including Skype or Google Hangout.

Here are some tips to help you prepare for those interviews that may occur over a video call.

Keep a professional online profile

Your profile account for the video call should include a professional headshot and/or short description about yourself. You may want to consider using the same profile picture in your other professional platforms such as LinkedIn to maintain a consistent brand for yourself and to reassure your interviewer that you are who they intend to interview.

Dress to impress

This tip is often recommended for interviews that occur in person, however, a professional image is just as important to maintain for all interview types. Although the interviewer may not be able to see your outfit from the waist down, maintaining a professional appearance over the camera can help you feel more prepared.

Print out all documents

By printing up a copy of your resume and/or cover letter, you can continually refer to it during the interview. This can be helpful if an interviewer directly references your information during the interview.

Create a list of buzzwords

This tip can apply to any type of interview, but works best for an online interview because you do not have to memorize all of your buzzwords. By creating a list of buzzwords to describe yourself, you can integrate them in the conversation if the interviewer asks you questions about your personality traits or good work ethic skills.

Have questions prepared

During an interview, you may be given the opportunity to ask the interviewer/s questions about the position or company. Take advantage of this opportunity to not only have your questions answered, but to also show how serious you have taken the opportunity. A final question you may want to ask is “When can I expect to hear from you again?” Always thank the interviewer/s for their time following all questions.

Take advantage of new resources

An advantage about going through online interviews is that you have access to the internet if you need to use it during the process. Be mindful that this is a resource you should be subtle about if you choose to use it.

Check Wifi connection

Always have a backup option for devices in case of an emergency. A downside to online interviews means that calls can drop if the internet disconnects. In the case that this occurs, make sure to have the contact information for the interviewer to let them know you are open to other options to conduct the rest of the interview. Suggest moving the interview to a phone call instead of a video call, or to possibly reschedule.

Consider using a fidget toy

A perk to not meeting for your interview in person means that you can use fidget toys underneath the table if you get nervous. This can be a helpful tip for those that feel anxious and need something to fidget with.

These tips can assist you with a thorough and successful interview process, so refer to the ones that best apply to you!