Chrome extensions are tools you can add to your browser to improve workflow. All you need is internet access and a google account. These four will make your life a whole lot easier.


This writing service makes sure whatever you type free of spelling mistakes and easy to read. It checks your writing on nearly every application on the web. Once you register for a free account, they’ll send you weekly emails with insights and performance stats on your work. You can also store your work on their online editor if you wish.


The New Tab page is calming and inspiring. It lets you set a daily focus, make a to-do list and it gives you a daily photo and quote right in your browser. If not anything else, it looks cool.


Do you bookmark a lot of stuff? This tool lets you save links, articles, photos and the like to the app so you can go back to them later. You can tag all these things to make it easier to find them later.

Google Calendar

Organize your assignments. Never forget an appointment. The possibilities are endless.

This app helps keep track of everything you have to do by keeping it in one place. You can plan out your whole semester or even just a week. It’s up to you. Sometimes schools will have a school calendar on their website and most of the time you can add it to your Google calendar.