File_000-1-225x300.jpegWhether you like to sketch, take notes, make lists, or write down your interviews, it’s a great idea to have a notebook handy. This one is small enough to slip right into your bag or pocket.

– printable covers (Download Here)
– printer paper
– card stock (for the cover
– string

– scissors
– something sharp enough to poke holes


  1. Count seven pieces of printer paper and fold them in half. You might need to fold them separately and then stack them.
  2. Print off the cover you would like on card stock and fold it in half. Insert one in the middle of your stack of white paper, and use the other one as your notebook.
  3. Poke five evenly spaced holes along the spine of your notebook. If you’re using bigger string, you can use a hole puncher. If not, a needle and thread will work too.string-steps-768x191.png
  4. Tie a knot at the end of your string, and bring it through the first hole starting from the inside of the notebook.
  5. Bring the string through the second hole and out through the third.
  6. Poke the string through the second hole again and bring it through the fourth. Repeat this until the string is on the inside of the notebook. It should have come through the fourth hole.
  7. Tie the end to the loose thread at the other end of your knot.
  8. Enjoy your new notebook!