Dr. Kristi Martin joins the Ball State Department of Mathematical Sciences as an Assistant Teaching Professor.

What is your journey to Ball State?

Kristi Martin

I earned my bachelor’s in math education from Western Michigan. I spent about a decade teaching math in schools around Raleigh, NC. I then earned my master’s and PhD in math education from North Carolina State University. I spent two years at Sam Houston State University teaching math methods classes before coming to Ball State.

I chose Ball State because of the large and supportive math education faculty. I also liked that it was closer to my family in Michigan.

What are your research and teaching interests?

My research is focused on preparing mathematics teachers. Recently I’ve researched the impact of preparing teachers to use cognitive science in their lessons and the impact of number talks on pre-service teachers’ problem solving and their understanding of student thinking.

What are some of your goals for your first year here?

I’m looking forward to teaching new classes and work with new colleagues. I taught an action research class this semester and I’m excited to see how my students implement their projects in the spring. I’m hoping that I get to see students in more than one class as they progress through their programs, since I’ve previously only been able to teach students once at the end of their programs.

What do you like to do in your free time? Things you do outside of the classroom?

I love to read and do crafts. My husband and I like to travel and are currently planning a trip to Australia and New Zealand. I like to see shows, especially Cirque du Soleil.

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