Griffin M. Green

Emma Hamilton

Hello, alumni of the Ball State Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies,

It seems like only yesterday that Aristotle wrote his treatise Meteorologica in order to understand the weather. With how much rain has fallen here in Muncie, we’ve tried to understand, too, which is all the more reason why we’re grateful that summer is just around the corner. 

Much like the weather, there have been plenty of changes happening within our department this year. The Phil/Rels Conversation Hour series has been a success already despite its short tenure, as has the conversation series “Big Questions, Big Ideas,” in partnership with the Muncie Public Library. (If you missed any BQBI events, you can catch up with them on the Phil/Rels YouTube channel.) Immersive learning continues to be among the department’s biggest highlights as well, with Stance publishing its 15th volume, and the Philosophy Outreach Project hosting another successful Conference for Pre-College Philosophical Engagement. We’d also like to say congratulations to Dr. Jeff Brackett, who is retiring this May. Dr. Brackett is a wonderful teacher and scholar, and he will be missed.

It goes without saying that the Phil/Rels Department has a long history of producing successful graduates, and we encourage those of you that are reading this to share your stories with current students.

As we prepare to join the alumni community ourselves, we can’t help but feel extremely thankful for our experience as undergraduate Phil/Rels students. Studying philosophy and religious studies shapes who you are—experiences like seeing high schoolers light up with ideas at the POP conference and holding this year’s volume of Stance had a huge impact on us. We have so much appreciation for all of our professors and peers who have guided us in our own learning and self-growth over the past few years. 

We’re sure that many of you would agree that once you learn how to think philosophically, it’s impossible to stop. Thankfully, philosophical thinking is a valuable tool that allows us to identify, discuss, and workshop solutions for many of the daunting problems we face in our world today. We’re committed to employing a philosophical outlook in our future endeavors. 

Emma Hamilton, Editor-in-Chief, Stance, and
Griffin M. Green, Outstanding Senior in Philosophy