Dr. Brian K. Jensen graduated from Ball State in 1983, earning a B.A in German with two minors: Political Science and Natural Resources. He also received a Master’s degree in Political Science at BSU in 1987, and earned a doctorate in History and Public Policy from Carnegie Mellon University in 2004.





What is your career now?

32+ years providing research and public policy analysis for a regional community and economic development nonprofit in Pittsburgh.

What does a typical week in your position look like?

My weekly work is varied but mostly centered on providing deep analysis of and recommendations on state and federal policies that affect the competitiveness of southwestern Pennsylvania.

What are the most valuable skills you learned in your major?

Studying German literature gave me a keener understanding of other cultures, history and the arts. It was world-building, horizon-broadening.

What is your advice to other Humanities students?

Advice? Follow your heart. Never stop exploring and learning. Never forget that the world is both much larger than we often think and also much smaller than we might like to believe.

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