Gathering the Stars

On September 14th, 2021, students gathered on the North West Residence Hall Patio to explore student organizations, study abroad possibilities, and other immersive learning opportunities offered by the humanities department in the College of Sciences and Humanities. Sponsored by Compass Advantage, The Star Party, is the first in a series of events designed to help students grasp the benefits and marketability of a humanities degree. “You can go anywhere with a humanities degree,” Compass proclaims, and the Star Party helps prove them right. Faculty, staff, and student representatives from over 40 organizations convened to showcase amazing opportunities from all over campus. The air buzzed around the patio as connections were made and insightful conversations were held over delicious pizza provided by the college.

Kylie Reeves, a sophomore in History Education, shared how she enjoyed seeing the sheer amount of people who showed up and seemed excited to learn more about these organizations and expand their interests. She also shared that this was a fun chance to “branch out of your comfort zone,” to meet new people, and find things that you enjoy.

The Star Party highlights how the various humanities departments–Anthropology, English, History, Modern Languages and Classics, and Philosophy and Religious Studies–can guide students toward their “true north,” navigating a successful college experience and future career. Philosophy student, Emma Hamilton, attended the Star Party as a representative for her departmental undergraduate philosophy journal Stance, and shared how important making connections and seeking out opportunities:

“Getting involved in student organizations is hugely important to finding your place in your department and feeling at home at Ball State. Student organizations are a great way to make connections with faculty in your department, which can open a lot of doors for future opportunities. I feel very fortunate to be part of a community that prioritizes student, growth, creating opportunities to learn, and building a supportive atmosphere.”

MaKayla Murray, a senior Spanish major with a double minor in Foundations of Management and Computer Information Systems, spoke about how important this event was for students to meet peers who are interested in similar topics. She believes these blossoming friendships will form a supportive network of people who are great to use as a resource for class and the future.

For Christian Ferrara, a senior German and Japanese major, Star Party was a chance to not only promote an organization in which she is a member, Alpha Mu Gamma, but to expand her college experience by joining Japanese Club too.

Other students, including Ty Sheahan, a junior Social Studies and Technology Education major, and Aubrey Volckmann, a freshman studying Social Studies Education, loved getting to see the different and fun opportunities offered by all of the departments. They both thought it was great to meet new people and seek out different clubs they were previously unaware of. Ty also shared, “getting involved in student organizations such as these [is important] because they can lead to more experience for people entering the workforce.” Preparing students for their careers is another way that Star Party aimed to help guide students during their time at BSU.

Star Party, an annual event for the College of Sciences and Humanities, had another successful year of bringing students, faculty, and staff together to display some of the amazing opportunities offered by its humanities departments.  There is no doubt that this occasion was as successful as ever!

If you would like more information about Compass Advantage or the organizations involved in Star Party, visit our website and explore the ways Compass can be a resource for you.