Meet Dr. Xinting Wang

Dr. Xinting Wang will be joining the College of Sciences and Humanities  faculty this fall as a new professor in the department of  Criminal Justice and Criminology.


Where do you call home?

I am from China and have stayed in Texas for several years.


Educational background?

I received my Ph.D. in Criminal Justice at Sam Houston State University in 2021.


What initially drew you to your field of study?

I was initially trained to be a police officer in China. However, after seven years of education and training in a national police university, I figured out that conducting research on policing is the best fit for me. So, I started my “trip” for a doctoral degree in criminal justice at Sam Houston State University (SHSU). The four-year training at SHSU also expanded my research area from policing to juvenile rehabilitation, and to victims of domestic violence.


Where do you focus your research?

My research focuses on policing and juvenile justice. More specifically, I am interested in quantitative research associated with police-public relationship, policing practices, police education and training, juvenile rehabilitation, domestic violence, and cross-national analyses.


What drew you to Ball State? First-year goals?


I heard about Ball State University from my friends. They all have very good impressions of BSU, so I applied to this position without any hesitation. After having interviews and discussions with the faculty and staff here, I am confident that Ball State is a great place for me.


My academic background fits the requirement of the job position, and I like the environment here very much. My prime goal for the first year is to get myself familiarized with my department, college, the campus, and students here. In addition, I will start to work toward tenure-track requirements.


What are your favorite hobbies?

I like running very much. I participated in several marathons (not full marathons, half-marathons) in the past. I also enjoy outdoor activities, for instance, hiking. It makes me stay closer to nature. Drawing pictures is another hobby for me, when I am stressed.


Anything else to help the CSH community get to know you?

I like to try different types of food and learn different cultures across counties, states, or countries. English is not my first language. So, I have an accent when speaking English. Please bear with me about that.


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