Ball State College of Sciences and Humanities is excited to announce a new, multidisciplinary Minor in Health Humanities!

You’ve heard the phrases “good bedside manner” and “having a healing touch,” but how does one develop these essential healthcare traits?  Coursework in the humanities is a key component to success in the medical field!


Research shows students who study Health Humanities, in addition to their primary fields

  • Perform better in medical school and residency
  • More frequently earn academic honors
  • Increase chances for medical school admissions and employment
  • Demonstrate greater sensitivity to social concerns


If you are interested in a career in healthcare or planning to attend graduate or professional school in the health sciences, you should consider adding a minor in Health Humanities, beginning Fall 2021! Learning about health and well-being throughout history, literature, philosophy, and other disciplines will equip you for a widerange of health-related careers.


Program Overview

In this 15-credit hour minor, tailor your course selection to your personal interests and career path. Check out this breakdown of  courses:


Required Classes

HHUM 200      Introduction to Health Humanities

HHUM 400      Health Humanities Capstone


Electives (Choose 3 from the following)

ANTH 427        Culture and Medicine

CC 102               Medical Terminology

COMM 335       Communication and Health (offered Fall 2021)

ENG 495           Disability Studies

HHUM 350      Rhetoric of Health and Medicine

HSC 220           Population, Race, and Culture in Health Promotion

HSC 371            Death and Dying (offered Fall 2021)

HSC 372            Women and Health

PHIL 235          Bioethics (offered Fall 2021)

PHIL 415           Neurophilosophy (offered Fall 2021)

SOC 341             Sociology of Health and Illness (offered Fall 2021)


For more information about this program, contact Kevin Harrelson ( or Jennifer Wells (