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In this game, you are a newly hired queer studies professor, Dr. Lavendar. You will face a series of decisions that will impact the fate of your students and your class; nonetheless, you will ultimately learn more about what it means to queer your teaching praxis.

As you progress through the game:

(text-color: black) [Your speech will appear black.]

The narrator’s speech will be navy.

(text-color: magenta) [Any speech from students will be denoted with magenta text.]

(button:) [[When you are ready to begin, open your offer letter.->OfferLetter]]

Story Stylesheet

Twine editor toolbar – Undo, Redo, Indent, Unindent

CSS code:

tw-story {
background-color: Pink;

tw-link {
color: blue;
border-color: black;

tw-passage {
color: black;

tw-sidebar {
color: red;

tw-image {
max-width: 100%;
max-height: 100%;