TITLE: Three benefits of microlearning. 

Knowledge Retention: Microlearning helps retain knowledge by breaking down information into smaller pieces. This is valuable for higher education students who encounter a lot of information. 

Flexibility: Microlearning offers various formats, including videos, podcasts, and infographics, engaging them in shorter, interactive formats. It caters to their preference for diverse learning experiences, making learning interesting and memorable. 

Just-in-time Learning: Microlearning allows students to revisit specific topics by accessing information in smaller, more digestible pieces as needed, enabling just-in-time learning. 

Microlearning is personalized, engaging, and cost-effective. It ensures effective knowledge retention and motivation for learners. By embracing microlearning, higher education can enhance learning experiences and create better-prepared individuals for a brighter educational landscape. 

  • Carlos Lopez Mercado

    Carlos Lopez Mercado joined the Division of Online and Strategic Learning in October 2023. Carlos has an extensive background in communication, including his time as a graduate assistant where he loved sharing his knowledge and enthusiasm with others. Carlos is well-versed in media-related competencies, such as web design, digital marketing, training and development, and media management.

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