Author: Danielle Behrens

  • Artist Uses Glass to Take You to the Scene

    White-capped blue waves rushing to golden sand. Red buoys guiding boats along. Seagulls calling overhead and the sound of the waves washing along the shore. These sights and sounds remind us of the beach. Evoking a sense of place, of being there, is what artist Brent Cole seeks. “It has been said that with art usually we […]

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  • The Narrative of Dance

    Dance, for choreographer Christie Zimmerman, is about sharing stories. “Dance is this universal language—the idea of using bodies in motion to communicate things is something everyone can understand and grasp,” says Zimmerman, an assistant professor of dance and this year’s Outstanding Creative Endeavor awardee. Dance has been part of Zimmerman’s life since she was 3 years […]

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