Sophomore Stan Stuckey isn’t your average college student. Beyond studying and keeping up with being a college kid, there’s a burning passion simmering beneath the surface – a passion for screen printing! It all started over a year ago when Stan, who has always had a fascination with fashion and the power of clothing as a canvas for self-expression, was introduced to the world of screen printing at a local shop. 

Fast forward to his sophomore year and enrolled in the College of Fine Arts, this spark for screen printing had grown into an inferno. With direction from his lecturers, Stan knew it was time to do a creative project and what better fit than “Progress in Printing”, the screen-printing project that would allow him to put some of his artistic vision on fabric, but in his words, being just a “college kid”, he needed to get supplies and needed some help.

The Aspire Grant answered the call and became Stan’s perfect partner. He started off with the application, which he found refreshingly straightforward.  The instructions to detail the project was a lifesaver, according to Stan. He admits that it helped him map out my ideas and visualize the path my project would take, helping him go from just being a dreamer to focusing on execution enough to be a doer, but for him, this wasn’t the most impressive part.

What truly impressed Stan was the grant’s open-mindedness. “It’s awesome that students from any discipline can apply,” he beams. “No red tape, no complex hurdles. Just a clear shot at securing $300 to bring your project to life, completely free!”

And that’s exactly what the grant did for Stan. It funded all his materials, freeing him to unleash his creativity without breaking the college-kid budget.

With the astoundingly good project just completed, Stan’s artistic journey is far from over. He’s hungry to push boundaries and experiment with multi-coloured screens, creating projects that explode with vibrant hues. His goal? Large-scale pieces that are full-fledged expressions of artistic freedom.

Stan’s message to other students nervous about applying is simple, “Don’t hesitate! “Just apply for the Aspire grant,” he urges. “As long as you have a project you’re passionate about, this grant can help you keep the momentum going and work at your own pace.  I can’t wait to see the incredible things you create!”

Stan’s story is a testament to the power of pursuing your artistic passions and the helping hand the Aspire grant can provide. Ball State University, guided by its unwavering commitment to scholarship and excellence, is proud to offer this helping hand. You can see Stan’s process in this video.

If financial lack is keeping you from bringing your creative projects to life, then take Stan’s advice and apply today! Head over to the Aspire webpage to read the guidelines and start your application. Good luck!