J-Day contest submissions are submitted online, with the exception of Newspaper and Yearbook Overall.

Contest entries are $6 each. Payment or P.O. must be mailed with the entry form  or paid online at https://commerce.cashnet.com/BALL_ESS004 (select the J-day contest category on the right side, then choose how many contests you would like to purchase)

All entries must be submitted with an entry form.

Please complete the entry form and email it to bsucontests@gmail.com or mail it to the Ball State Journalism Workshops office.

Contest Categories

News, Feature & Online Media

Newspaper Overall: Consists of two fully printed, consecutive issues of the school’s primary news publication. (Submitted hard copy. Will not be returned.)

Feature Story: Consists of a single feature story not including personality features.

News Story: Consists of a single school-related news story.

Sports Story: Consists of any sports-related story

Personality Feature: Consists of any personality feature.

Opinion Story: Consists of a single column or opinion story written by a single student.

Review: Consists of a single review—could include movies, music, restaurants, etc.

Staff Editorial: Consists of a single staff editorial. Editorials should not be bylined.

Editorial Cartoon/Comic: Consists of one cartoon or comic.

Multimedia Story: Consists of a story that utilizes multiple media technologies. This could include audio, video, photography, written stories, narration, etc.

Cover Design (tabloid or magazine pubs only): Consists of a single magazine cover design. Tabloid news or traditional magazine only.

Front Page Design (excludes online pub): Consists of a single front page exhibiting strong overall design. Broadsheet print newspaper only.

Multi-page Layout (tabloid or magazine pubs only): Consists of a multi-page story exhibiting strong overall design (excluding cover). Tabloid news or a traditional magazine only.

Sports Page Design (excludes online pub): Consists of any single page or double-truck with strong overall design (excluding front page)

Feature or Entertainment Page Design (excludes online pub): Consists of a single page or double-truck with strong overall design. (excluding front page)

Alternative Story Design – News: Consists of any student-created information graphic, chart or diagram.

Home Page Design (Online Only): Consists of a home or intro page to an online news publication.

Website Overall (Online Only): Consists of an online high school news publication with up to three frames – both copy and visual presentation will be judged. [/toggle]


Yearbook Overall: Consists of an entire yearbook submission. Other contests entries need to be submitted separately as they are sent to different judges. Copy, theme and overall visual presentation will be judged. (Submitted hard copy. Will not be returned.)

Cover and Endsheets: Consists of hard copies of the cover and endsheets of yearbook. Does not need to be a separate submission from Yearbook Overall.

Alternative story design – YB: Consists of any alternative story design that may include charts, graphs, diagrams, timelines, information boxes, charticles or other alternative story structure that goes beyond traditional storytelling.

Senior Ad Design: Consists of single senior ad design by yearbook staff.

Personality profile: Consists of a single personality profile published in any section of the yearbook.

Display Writing: Consists of a single spread that includes headlines, subheads, captions, etc.

Traditional Yearbook design: Consists of two spreads from three different sections of the book (six spreads total).

Chronological Yearbook design: Consists of two spreads from three different weeks, months or seasons within the book (six spreads total).

Non-Traditional Yearbook design (for books that don’t fit Traditional or Chronological Mold): Consists of two spreads from three different parts of the book (six spreads total).[/toggle]


Entry preparation: Please upload a JPEG of the photo you wish to enter. If you prefer to upload a PDF of the page the photo ran on, for context, please be sure to tell us which photo on the page is to be judged in the “description” part of your entry submission.

News photo: Consists of any news photo.

Feature photo: Consists of any feature photo.

Sports photo: Consists of any sports photo.

Photo story:  Consists of a photo essay (minimum of three photos) with published story and/or cutlines.

Photo Illustration: Consists of a staged or altered photo.


News/Announcements: Consists of any school news or announcements segment.

Sports Play-by-Play: Consists of any student-created sports play-by-play.

Feature: Consists of any broadcast feature package

Opening: Consists of the introduction of a broadcast segment


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