Q. When is the Freshman Scholarship application due?

A. All Freshman Scholarships are due on Dec. 1, 2017.


Q. Do I have to have applied to or been admitted to Ball State to apply?

A. This is not a requirement, though we do recommend that you have at least applied. We understand that many students will still be awaiting response from the university when the application is due. We try to


Q. When will I find out if I was selected for a scholarship?

A. Scholarship recipients will be notified in early February.


Q. Will I be notified if I do not receive a freshman scholarship?

A. Yes! We do notify each applicant with their scholarship status.


Q. How can I upload video/broadcast clips

A. Now there is a separate field to submit broadcast links. Broadcast links should utilize a website like Youtube or Vimeo. It is important to note that .mp4 files can not be uploaded in these fields.


Q. Who should why references be?

A. Two academic references are required. If you belong to a media staff, one reference must be from a media adviser. All References must include their name, title, school email address and school phone number.


Q. Why don’t I need letters of recommendation?

A. We do not ask for letters of recommendation because your references will be contacted independently to fill out a survey


Q. Do I need to upload a transcript?

A. Your transcript is a requirement and must be uploaded in the form of a PDF.


Q. How to I convert a file to a PDF? Can I merge Files?

A. To make a PDF from almost any program, specifically Microsoft Office and Adobe Illustrator, Go to File > Save As > and select the PDF option. However, for some programs like Adobe InDesign, you have to go to File > Export > and select the PDF option. Sometimes, you’ll need to combine multiple pdfs into one file, to merge multiple PDFs into one PDF file, check out these wikihow instructions and decide which option is best for you.


Q. My PDF File is above the allowed 16mb. How can I make it smaller?

A. You can do this through either Preview on a Mac or through Adobe Acrobat. For Preview, First open the PDF file in Preview. Then Go to File > Export and select the PDF option. Then in the dropdown bar for Quartz Filler, select the Reduced File Size option and save it. For Adobe Acrobat, open the file as a PDF in Acrobat. Then Go to File > Save as Other ¬†> Reduced Size PDF. A dialogue box labeled “Reduced File Size” will appear. Select the drop down “Make Comparable With” Menu and select Acrobat 8.0 and Later. You can then save your file.


Q. I’m not sure what I want to major in. Do I have to be a journalism major?

A. Students applying for scholarships within the Journalism department must intend to major within the Journalism department. For recurring scholarships, student must remain a major in our department.


Q. I don’t have an online portfolio, do I need one? How do I make one?

A. Providing a link to an online portfolio will give you an advantage, but is not required. Here are some great tips on how to create an online portfolio.