Tag: Honors 390

  • Performing and Preserving the Music of the Holocaust

    On Thursday, April 11th, students in Dr. Galit Gertsenzon’s Honors 390 class “Forbidden Sounds, Music of the Holocaust” will hold a concert to preserve and share the music that holds the stories of the Holocaust. In the concert, Honors students from a variety of majors and backgrounds will come together to share and revive the […]

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  • Anna Hawk: Uncovering the History of Honors

    Anna Hawk and her classmates in Dr. Doyle’s Honors 390 class are working to create an oral history of the Honors College at Ball State. Over spring break, they travelled to Swarthmore, Pennsylvania to learn about the Honors Program at Swarthmore College. Update: The Ball State University Honors College Oral History Project will be presenting […]

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  • Barthes and Time Traveling with Photography

    In this, the first of many Idea Exchange posts, we’ll share an interesting idea that someone is teaching or learning recently in an Honors College class. Here’s our first from Dr. Timothy Berg, Associate Teaching Professor of Honors Humanities. By Professor Tim Berg In my Honors 390 colloquium on photography, we explore the idea of […]

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