Month: April 2019

  • Director of National & International Scholarships Dr. Barb Stedman

    Barb Stedman grew up in northeastern Ohio but started becoming “Hoosierized” in 1977, when she came to Indiana to attend Taylor University. All of her degrees are in English, and her primary teaching and research interests have been in cultural studies and environmental literature, especially Indiana’s environmental literature. After teaching at several other institutions (including […]

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  • Meet the team!

    Meet the students behind the Honors Blog! The rebranding of the Honors social media and creation of the blog is a part of a fellowship headed by four Honors students. Below you can read about their interests, their tentative future plans, and what Honors means to them. 

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  • Performing and Preserving the Music of the Holocaust

    On Thursday, April 11th, students in Dr. Galit Gertsenzon’s Honors 390 class “Forbidden Sounds, Music of the Holocaust” will hold a concert to preserve and share the music that holds the stories of the Holocaust. In the concert, Honors students from a variety of majors and backgrounds will come together to share and revive the […]

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